Wheelchair accessible cars and vehicles come in a range of shapes and sizes but they all share one thing in common – they are designed to carry a standard wheelchair.

Shopping for a new WAV is easy when you have a standard wheelchair you can choose almost any model you want all you need to do is make sure it has the features and comfort you need and that you like driving it. When you have to buy a wheelchair accessible vehicle for yourself, partner or someone you care for who uses a powered mobility scooter/wheelchair your choices become fewer.

Mobility scooters and wheelchair are usually battery powered – this makes them much more bulky than a traditional wheelchair. The batteries, controls and motors take up a lot of space making these types of wheelchairs not only larger but heavier. These larger wheelchairs & scooter are unlikely to fit in the same wheelchair accessible vehicles as their smaller wheelchair counterparts – so it’;s important to find vehicles that will be able to cope with these types of wheelchair/scooter.

WAVs suitable for mobility scooters

When looking for a wheelchair accessible vehicle suitable for carrying a mobility scooter or powered wheelchair and passenger it’s important to realise that not all WAVs will have a large enough capacity to carry these larger aids. When beginning your search to find the perfect vehicle for your needs you’ll have to find the measurements of your mobility scooter.

The manufacturer will be able to provide you with accurate measurements of the wheelchair/scooter, if you are unable to obtain the measurements you can take them yourself using a standard home or DIY tape measure.

mobility scooter dimensions

To check the size of your mobility scooter/wheelchair take the following measurements.

  • Measure the height of the scooter (including passenger) from the bottom of the wheels to the top of the users head
  • Measure the length of the scooter form the furthest point at the front to the rear – including lights baskets
  • Measure the width carefully – this is one of the most crucial. Include any protruding points – but remember to allow space for the user to sit comfortably

Once you’ve got your measurements browse our WAVs for sale and check that your wheelchair/scooter will fit into the allocated space. It’s important to get a vehicle suitable for your wheelchair as the vehicles suitable for larger wheelchairs also have larger and sturdier ramps to allow for hassle-free boarding.

To make it easier we group our vehicles that are suitable for larger wheelchairs and mobility scooters – you can view them here
Vehicles for powered mobility scooters

If you are not sure we have the right vehicle for you – please get in touch, either via live chat, email or call us on 01761 471540 we can let you know what we have, what we’re getting or if we can order a special vehicle for you.

If you don’t need a mobility scooter full time

Many people use mobility scooters just as a solution to longer journeys or for helping carry things when they don’t have the strength – they are able to get in and out of a normal car passenger seat with minimal or no help.

WavsGB have teamed up with Autochair to offer a solution for lifting mobility scooters into an existing vehicle, it can be more cost effective than buying a regular car. Check out the details by clicking below.
Adapt your existing car for a mobility scooter