Wheelchair to car transfer and driving systems

At WavsGB – we realise that while for some people, being able to transport themselves or a family member in a car while still seated in their wheelchair is life changing, for others it simply isn’t quite the answer.

Some people want to be able to sit in a standard seat or even be able to drive, but getting in and out of a wheelchair can be a real barrier to this. This is why we’ve teamed up with AutoChair.

Autochair vehicle adaptions from WavsGB

What is Autochair?

Autochair are a vehicle adaption company who specialise in manufacturing and fitting devices to help safely transfer you from your wheelchair into a seat in your car, or your mobility scooter securely into the boot of your vehicle. Autochair can also adapt your car to allow those with limited dexterity to drive again.

Wheelchair/Car transfers

Autochair have developed the Smart Transfer system for wheelchair users. The Smart Transfer system is designed to fit most makes and model of car, and can transfer you safely and easily from wheelchair to car seat and back again.

This flexible system can also be elsewhere including home, office or even while you’re on holiday.

Mobility aid lifting

The smart lifter from Autochair can effortlessly lift your mobility device, whether its a mobility scooter, powerchair or your wheelchair, securely and easily into the boot of your car, and back out ready for use again when you’ve reached your destination – all at the touch of a button.

Independent driving

If you are currently unable to drive or find it difficult to drive confidently because of reduced mobility and dexterity, then Autochair have a range of driving aids available including steering balls, easy-release handbrakes, adapted pedals and more please call us on 0800 059 0015 for more information.

Wheelchair and scooter transfer systems from Autochair

Additional information & pricing

If you’d like more information about the services and solutions from Autochair then you can chat with the specialist advisers from Autochair by calling:

0800 059 0015