Daily and long -term hire for wheelchair accessible vehicles

Daily Wheelchair accessible vehicle hire

WavsGB offer a range of vehicles for local short-term daily hire or nationwide long term hire.

Our WAV fleet includes vehicles available in a range of sizes (number of seats) and types of wheelchair vehicles (rear or up-front passenger) for hire that suits your needs.

If you’ve never hired a WAV before our helpful staff will explain how the vehicle works when you collect.

Hiring for less than more than 7 days?

You might be better off with our long-term WAV hire….
Long term hire

WAV Hire – Vehicle & Prices

small wav for hire


up to 3 seats

Daily from


Weekly from


medium wav for hire


up to 5 seats

Daily from


Weekly from


large wav for hire


5 seats +

Daily from


Weekly from


The hire vehicles above are listed as examples of our prices and vehicle types. Vehicles and prices may vary from those stated above.
To enquire about availability and get an actual quote please complete our quote form below.

WAV hire quote

Hiring for less than 7 days?

WavsGB can only offer short term daily hire (less than 7 days) if you are able to collect and return the vehicle to our offices(BA2 9HN).

Wheelchair car hire enquiry

Call or email for bookings or advice:

01761 471540

Complete the form to send us an email enquiry:

Daily hire location & availability

WavsGB is based in Bath. All daily and short-term (less than 7 days) hire vehicles must be collected from our hire office.
Vehicle delivery and collection is only available on long term hires of more than seven days.

Benefits of wheelchair car hire from WavsGB

At WavsGB we know how important it is to have the right vehicle at the right time, that’s why we offer a large choice of wheelchair accessible cars for hire, and we do our best to keep the paperwork to a minimum as we know your time is precious.

Whatever your needs, we can supply wheelchair adapted mobility car for you from as little as a day to as much as a year.. or two!

Mobility car hire

Not only do we have a dedicated mobility hire fleet, but almost any of our ‘for sale’ vehicles are available to hire on either a short term daily basis or on a longer term contract.

  • Customisable hire – you tell us what you need
  • No contract!
  • Friendly, discrete and hassle-free
  • Instant return – just hand the car back at any time
  • Suitable vehicles for events and occasions
  • Daily or long-term hire

Unsure which is the right wheelchair car for you?

If you’re not sure sure which wheelchair accessible vehicle you need, simply give us a call or complete the enquiry form below and we’ll talk you through the available options.

Wheelchair hire vehicles are exempt from VAT. Vehicle delivery and collection is a chargeable service

Wheelchair car hire – FAQs

Common questions we are asked about our wheelchair access vehicle hire

Where can I pick up the vehicle?
We currently only have a single hire office located just outside of Bath. For all daily or short term hires the vehicle need to be collected from here. We can deliver vehicles across the UK for hire of more than five days or for our long term hire customers.
Can I hire for a single day?
Yes - provided you are able to collect and return the vehicle to our offices near Bath
How much is delivery?
Delivery covers most of mainland UK (please call if you are not on the mainland) and is charged at £1.25 per mile for delivery and collection. To qualify for delivery the minimum hire period is seven days. Delivery costs excludes any additonal charges such as toll roads etc.
Can I request a specific vehicle?
We do our best to accommodate your requirements - and in some cases you can request a model from our available fleet. More commonly we try and match a good vehicle to your needs - based on how many seats and type of wheelchair vehicle you need.
Can I extend my hire?
In most cases yes. Just get in touch with us as soon as you know you need to extend it and we'll do our best to accommodate your needs. The more notice we have the greater chance we can extend you hire. In some cases we may need to swap vehicles with you in order to continue the hire.
Do you have a branch in London/Scotland etc..?
We currently only have one branch - located just outside of Bath. We can still hire a WAV to you and deliver/collect - but it will be for a minimum of seven days*. * Some locations/dates may require an extended minimum hire term
Does the price drop if I hire for longer?
Our hire vehicle prices are on a sliding scale. Hires which are over 7 days will benefit from a cheaper daily rate and the longer you hire the cheaper it is per day. If you need a long term hire wheelchair vehicle - contact us for a quote.
Do you hire to business/organisations/councils?
Yes, we're always happy to provide a service to any type of organisation that may require occasional or regular wheelchair vehicle hire. We already work with many organisations, charities and local councils/government all over the UK.
Is there a deposit to pay?
Yes as per terms of our insurance we have to charge a deposit for each vehicle hire. Our deposit is £150 and this is refunded* when the vehicle is returned. *If the vehicle has not been refuelled, or there is damage - these costs may be taken from your deposit, but we will notify you in advance.
Are the vehicles insured?
All our vehicles include insurance, but this does not cover contents, punctures, door mirror damage or damage sustained through driving through Wildlife Parks. In the event of an accident you are liable to pay the excess. WAVS excess is £1500 but this can be reduced to £250 by taking the excess waiver option. Excess waiver is available at the time of hire for £15 per day Excess waiver does not cover impact damage with stationary objects.