Wheelchair Car Weston-Super-Mare – Our Wheelchair Adapted Vehicle Service


Many people are confused and have a lot of questions about the world of wheelchair accessible vehicles. What size WAV (Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle) do I need? Which brands are the best? Here at WAVS we want to make your purchase as easy, simple and effective as it can possibly be. This post will help you better understand what exactly WAV’s are, the different types that are available, the brands on offer here at WAVS GB and finally the service that we offer.


If you have any questions about our Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles then please get in touch with a member of the team today or alternatively head down to our dealership in Marksbury, Bath.


What are wheelchair accessible cars?


WAV stands for wheelchair accessible vehicle, they are like your traditional vehicle but have been specially adapted and converted to include a wheelchair. The wheelchair accessible vehicles available nowadays mean that the wheelchair user is able to travel one of two ways, as a passenger or as a driver.


Our team at WAVS GB understand the stress and struggle that comes with searching for the perfect WAV – this is why we tailor our Wheelchair Car Weston-Super-Mare service to suit your needs and provide the best level of service to you.


What are the different types of wheelchair adapted Cars?


There are two main types of WAV – Passenger WAV’s and Drive From Wheelchair Vehicles (DFWs) it is important to weigh up the two options as one may be more suited to your needs now but those needs may change in the future. Our advice is to plan ahead and think about how you will want to use your WAV now and in the coming years.


Passenger WAV’s are wheelchair accessible cars that have been adapted so that a wheelchair user will be able to travel as a passenger in a car in their wheelchair meaning that there is no need to be transferred from the wheelchair into a car seat.


The alternative to a passenger WAV is known as a DFW what this stands for is Drive From Wheelchair vehicles. As the name suggests this involves adapted vehicles that are converted to allow for wheelchair users to drive a WAV. In order for this to happen the car must be changed and adapted to suit the needs of the wheelchair user who will be the one driving the vehicle. WIth this option, the cost is a vast amount higher and the WAV can take a longer time than the more traditional passenger WAV.


What Brand of Wheelchair Cars do we offer?


Wheelchair cars are not supplied by every car manufacturer and there are seven main car brands that we use for our wheelchair accessible vehicles if you want to find the full list of wheelchair accessible vehicles on WAVS GB then check the sale or hire pages. The brands of WAV we stock are Citroen, Fiat, Ford, Peugeot, Renault, Vauxhall and Volkswagen – all of these brands offer great WAV’s and we can help explain which wheelchair is best for you


Why you should you choose our Wheelchair Car Weston-Super-Mare service?


The wheelchair car Weston-Super-Mare service that is offered here at WAVS always aims to put our customers past, present and future first. We offer a variety of perks with our service which are:

  • Free home demonstrations – allowing you to try the WAV before you buy in your home environment
  • Buyback Guarantee – this gives you assurance that if you are not happy with your WAV we will do our best to help
  • Easy Month Finance – this allows you to manage your finances monthly and get the WAV you want today
  • Honest Advice – everything at WAVS GB is built around the customer and we want to provide good honest advice on our products and make sure you leave with a WAV that is best suited to you.

If you have any questions about the Wheelchair Car Weston-Super-Mare service here at WAVS GB then please get in touch with a member of the team today or head on down to WAVS GB store.