If you’re browsing the web for wheelchair accessible vehicles – you’ve probably noticed that some businesses sell mobility cars, others buy them from you, while other companies hire mobility vehicles – some times different hire companies offer long term or daily hire – it’s challenging to find a company that does it all.

The good news is, if you’re reading this then you just found one… us! WavsGB is your one-stop shop for wheelchair accessible cars we buy, sell and hire (for as long as you want) and although we’re based in the South West – Bath, Somerset – we offer our services NATIONWIDE!

But – why would you want to buy, sell and hire from a single business?

There are a number of reasons why dealing with a single company offering all the wheelchair accessible vehicles services is beneficial to you and your family.

Many customers assume they want (or need) to buy a vehicle, but depending on the nature of the wheelchair users disability – that is categorically not always the best option for them and it may be in their best interests to hire the vehicle instead – we can offer both options. For some customers it makes more sense to buy, especially if they are planning on keeping the vehicle for some time, and when the time comes to dispose of the vehicle we offer a full buy-back-guarantee – helping to reduce your stress at a potentially very difficult time.

Knowledge and experience

Our team deal with many different types of car and customer every day. All our customers have different needs and we have seen first hand how the choices you make can lead to time and money savings and reduced stress further down the road.

If you’re not sure about the type of vehicle you need, or the best way to obtain it – our staff can help you work out the best options for you, and we’ll even tell you the pitfalls of each scheme.

Flexibility on all our mobility cars

You finally found a disabled wheelchair car that is really perfect for you and your needs.. and it’s even in a colour you like! What now?
Talk to us about you situation and we’ll give you quotations on buying or hiring and some good honest advice about which option may be best for you.
For many customers hiring is by far the best option, there is no commitment, no minimum contract when you don’t need the WAV anymore (or you want to upgrade) you can simply hand it back. It’s as easy as that.

Of course in some cases it is better to buy, especially for those that may need the car for the long term and aren’t planning on changing it. For those that decide to buy we offer finance solutions especially tailored to wheelchair access vehicles.

Simple and stress-free mobility car buying and selling

When the time comes and you no longer need your wheelchair adapted vehicle any more we can offer a number of options to make this as stress-free and experience as possible. If you’ve hired a mobility car then you simply hand it back to us. If you’ve purchased from us we offer a buy-back guarantee – let us know you are looking to sell your WAV and we’ll offer you a fair price – if you accept we can arrange collection and immediate payment (some terms apply – so speak to us first).

If you’re purchased your wheelchair access vehicle from another dealer – we are still interested in buying from you (or using as part-exchange if you’re upgrading). We’ll always offer a fair price – click here to sell us your WAV.

Everything you need all under one roof

There are many benefits to getting your wheelchair accessible vehicle from WAVSGB.

  • A great choice of vehicles
  • Choice of buying or hiring any vehicle
  • Dedicated finance for purchasers
  • Short or long term hire – with no commitment
  • Buy back gurantee
  • Great and fair pricing if you sell us your WAV
Buy or hire a wheelchair accessible vehicle