WavsGB are very lucky to be located just outside the beautiful city of Bath, surrounded by the magnificent Somerset countryside. If you’re planning to visit Bath in a wheelchair, we’ve got you covered.

Bath center

If you’re a wheelchair user and you’re planning to visit Bath, it’s good to know that it’s a very accessible city. The wide pedestrianised shopping areas are easy to navigate and almost all the big shops are easy to enter. In-keeping with it’s World Heritage Site status, Bath does have some narrow cobbled streets which should be traversed with care. There are some smaller shops and attractions which are housed in their original architecture. While this may prove problematic, we’ve always found the staff to be more than helpful if you need assistance.

Attractions like the Roman Baths are almost completely accessible with just a few sections not suitable for wheelchairs. Likewise the Royal Crescent has recently been converted to be more accessible and is a definitely a must see.

Bath - the royal crescent

Outside the center

As you travel out from the centre of the City, there is still much to see and do, with the Royal Victoria park top of the list. It’s a beautiful park and home to some of Bath’s best events. It has easily accessible walkways, a well-equipped children’s area, and the fascinating botanical gardens. It really is a great spot of peace and tranquility in the city.

Getting around

With so much to see and do not in Bath and the surrounding area, transport is key to maximising your visit. At WavsGB we offer an easy way to hire a wheelchair adapted vehicle for as little as a day. Our friendly knowledgeable staff will help you select an appropriate vehicle. If you’re travelling to the city by train or coach, we can arrange to deliver the mobility vehicle to you in the centre of Bath, please let us know when you book.

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WavsGB offers fast, easy and friendly mobility vehicle hire to Bath and the surrounding areas. Learn more about our hire vehicles here, or ifd you’re coming for more than just a holiday we offer long-term hire and mobility vehicle sales.