The problem

Wheelchairs are an indispensable means of transportation for many of us, our friends and our family. We all know many places are now very accessible (we’re proud of our accessibility here at WavsGB), but there are still instances where getting from A to B is impossible for wheelchair users unless they have a helper or carer.

That’s why we’re so interested when we see innovative new projects that seek to improve the wheelchair.

One such project is Scewo, which is developing a wheelchair that can ascend and descend stairs, curbs and the like with ease.

wheelchair that goes up stairs

The Scewo wheelchair

The Scewo wheelchair uses two big wheels to drive around. This is done with an active control to keep the chair level at every moment. The wheels allow to overcome obstacles like curbs, tram tracks, grass, mud, stones, etc. The wheelchair can turn on spot and is very agile while driving around. Stairs are climbed up sitting backward and driven down in the forward position. The tracks adapt to the angle of the stair automatically and keep the user level at all times.

Scewo is still in the prototype stage and was developed as a student project by ETH Zürich and ZhdK. Sadly although the wheelchair is not for sale yet, the company is planning to bring it to market as soon as testing and additional studies are complete.

The company has started a crowdfunding campaign to accelerate the development of the chair, you can learn more, and maybe even contribute to the project here