WAVSGB offer fair bank holiday and weekend WAV hire

The bank holiday at the end of August usually gets forgotten about by many people as it falls right in the school/summer holidays – lots of us are off work or on holiday and the Bank Holiday just feels like any other day.

Of course being a bank holiday means that the roads will be busy and the summer sunshine will give way to showers… it’s like a tradition.

Something else that’s like a tradition is the difficulty in trying to hire a car during bank holidays and if you’re trying to hire a wheelchair accessible car or vehicle during the holiday the difficulty is multiplied even further.

More often than not, car hire depots close for bank holidays and weekends

Want to hire a WAV for bank holiday Monday..? Chances are you’ll have to hire it on Friday and return it on Tuesday – you’ll have the car for four days paying at least 4x more than you should be.

It’s no wonder that lots of people just avoid hiring a car during Bank Holidays – but it’s very unfair for those that don’t have easy access to a car and who are limited in their mobility to be forced to stay inside when they could be enjoying time with family or friends.

Fair Bank holiday WAV hire

At WavsGB we don’t think it’s fair to have to pay extra for hiring a WAV at weekends or on bank Holidays – so we offer the same great deals at bank holidays and weekends as we do every other day.

So if you’re looking to hire a wheelchair accessible mobility vehicle for a weekend or bank holiday get in touch with us for a great FAIR price.

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..and let’s hope the traffic isn’t too band and the rains stays away!