People searching for wheelchair vehicles for sale or hire usually end up on and when they do they can narrow their search down even more using our built in features.

WavsGB’s clever search engine allows you to search for model, make, number of seats or any number of features including air conditioning or an electric winch. Once you got made your search and your initial search results have loaded you can continue to narrow down your choices until you get the vehicle or selection of vehicles suitable for your requirements. Of course if your requirements are not too specific you can simply browse through all our WAVs for sale – but you can continue to ‘drill down’ to the perfect vehicle with our filters.

What are the most searched vehicle features on WAVs?

We’ve had a look through our website stats and we’be put together a list of some of the most popular features that our customers are searching for when they buy a Wheelchair Access vehicle.

Most popular features on wheelchair accessible access vehicles infographic

Larger wheelchairs

An increasing amount of people are searching for wheelchair accessible cars suitable for carrying larger wheelchairs. Vehicles that fall into this category have a larger entrance, ramp and a bit more space for a larger than average wheelchair or some motorised wheelchairs which are more bulky than standard wheelchairs.
WAVS for Larger wheelchairs

Wheelchair driver

Wheelchair driver or ‘drive from wheelchair’ is a wheelchair access vehicle that has special facilities that allow the car to be driven by a wheelchair user.
Wheelchair Driver WAVs
These vehicles are a lot less common but we can also offer a service via Autochair to convert a vehicles for wheelchair drivers.
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Passenger up front

The majority of wheelchair access vehicles usually allow the wheelchair to be secured safely in the rear via ramp access to the side or rear of the vehicle. Passenger up-front vehicles allow the wheelchair user to be seated alongside the driver. This is the preferred option for some as the wheelchair user can occasionally feel a bit isolated in the back if they are on their own.
Up Front Passenger WAVs

Electric winch

When boarding the wheelchair access vehicle from the rear or side, the wheelchair user either needs to pushed up the ramp – or needs to move themselves up the ramp in order to be secured in the vehicle. An electric winch (or lift on larger vehicles) is attached to the wheelchair and pulls the wheelchair into the vehicle at the touch of a button. Depending on mobility and strength of the user or family members this can be a very helpful choice.
WAVs with an Electric winch

Air conditioning

You don’t need to drive a wheelchair accessible vehicle to realise the benefits of air conditioning! While we don’t have the climate in the UK for all-year-round air-con – the summer months can be extremely hot. Wheelchair access vehicles don’t always make it easy for wheelchair users to control their own temperature, there are lots of windows – but often the window controls may not be accessible by the wheelchair user. Air con along with climate control can help to make your journey a much more pleasant experience. Thankfully air-con is a popular feature and is available on the majority of our cars.
WAVs with Air-Con

Automatic gearbox

Wheelchair accessible vehicles with automatic gearbox, just like standard cars are an increasingly popular feature, whether you have an automatic licence or have decided that your next car will be an automatic – we have plenty to choose from.
Automatic WAVs

Parking sensors

Another newer technology which is fast becoming mainstream are parking sensors. Small sensor on the front and rear of the wheelchair access vehicle keep an eye out for how close you are to other objects – perfect for maneuvering in and out of parking spaces.
If you’ve never driven a WAV before you may not realise they can be slightly bulkier than a standard car, and the wheelchair passenger themselves as they are slightly raised up can make it harder to see out of the rear window – parking sensors help to reduce your stress when parking and make it a much easier experience.
WAVs with parking Sensors

The perfect wheelchair accessible vehicle for you..

Every customer is different and everyone’s needs are unique to them, at WavsGB we do our best to keep a good mix of vehicles in stock with a variety of features. If you can’t find the perfect vehicle for you among our in-stock vehicles – please do get in touch. We can usually source a vehicle with the exact features you need… so please give us a call or send us an email and we’ll discuss your requirements so we can get you the perfect vehicle.