Cancer and Driving

A Cancer diagnosis is one of the worst pieces of news you or your family can get and it can raise lots of questions about treatment, outcomes and the future.

Having Cancer can ultimately affect the ability to drive.. but it’s important to remember that a Cancer diagnosis in itself doesn’t prevent you from driving – and depending on the type of cancer and treatment your driving may not be affected at all.

In the article we’ll take a look at in what circumstances you may be affected and why you may need to consider looking at a wheelchair adapted vehicle

Does Cancer treatment affect driving

If you are about to undergo Radiotherapy or Chemotherapy then it’s important to know if you can drive after the treatments.

Radiotherapy can make people feel tired afterwards, which could preclude you from driving. Generally it is recommended to get a friend or family member to drive you to and from your first appointment to see how your body reacts. If you feel that the radiotherapy hasn’t affected you adversely then you can decide if you can drive safely.

Chemotherapy can not only make you feel tired but can also make you feel very ill, with nausea and vomiting. Before you start any treatment your GP or consultant will explain any potential side effects to you. Chemotherapy can affect your motor-skills, concentration and may also affect your vision, so it is widely recommended that if you are affected in any way that you make alternative arrangements .

The DVLA are very clear that if your cancer does affect your driving or any treatments you are taking may affect how you drive that you must inform them or face a fine. DVLA – driving & Cancer

Will having Cancer mean I need a Wheelchair adapted vehicle?

For most people with Cancer, other than the potential side-effects from the treatment they will not need to use a different type of vehicle.

However there may be some instances that your mobility is affected and a wheelchair accessible vehicle is required. There are many reasons why a cancer patient may need to use a wheelchair, depending on the type of cancer and the position of the tumor you may find that the tumor is generating so much pain or pressure on certain areas of the body that mobility becomes reduced. It can also be the case that the treatment may involve amputation again for some this could result in wheelchair usage.

It may be a shock to find yourself in a wheelchair, especially when you are already dealing with a potentially life-changing illness like cancer there are lots of organisations and people who are there to help you so make sure you ask for help or advice.

One area where we can help is for those that need a wheelchair during or after their Cancer treatment. Suddenly needing a special car can be a massive upheaval for families and individuals.

If you have found yourself in a wheelchair and need to get around we can help. We offer a full range of wheelchair accessible cars with easy and convenient way to get them.

Hire a WAV – if you only need a wheelchair while you are undergoing treatment or if you are hoping to make a full recovery you can hire any wheelchair accessible vehicle from us without any long term commitment. Use the WAV for as long as you need it for a low monthly cost and simply hand it back when you no longer require it.
Hire a WAV

Buy a WAV – if you need to use a wheelchair for an extended period of time or if sadly you need it permanently then it may be more advisable to purchase a wheelchair accessible vehicle. We offer finance for all our vehicles or there may be help available to you from other sources.

We’re here to help. Our staff are knowledgeable but also discrete and sympathetic to your worries and needs. Give us a call or send us an email with any questions you may have and we’ll do our best to help you find the right solution to your specific requirements.
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