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Are you looking for your first wheelchair or mobility scooter? Do you know if you want to use a standard or powered wheelchair?

At WavsGB we get asked questions about wheelchairs every day from people faced with buying their first wheelchair, or more experienced users looking to increase their accessibility with powered wheelchair and scooters.

When you’re about to buy or rent a wheelchair accessible vehicle it is important to know what type of wheelchair you are going to be using.. will it fit in the vehicle and how will it be loaded?

Recommended wheelchair suppliers

At WavsGB we’re always happy to work with your wheelchair supplier to make sure your wheelchair vehicle will accommodate your new wheelchair or scooter. If you haven’t chosen a wheelchair supplier yet we recommend a local company to us called Care Plus Mobility

Care Plus Mobility offer a range of wheelchair, powered wheelchairs and mobility scooters along with a whole range of other items to aid your mobility and care. Click below to visit their site.

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Care Plus Mobility